Wooden bicycle

A high quality bicycle need not be made of steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon. The original material used in making bicycles was wood. Since the wooden frames of the nineteenth century were too heavy, wood was replaced by other materials. However, current technology makes it possible to manufacture light, very stable and rugged bicycle frames which even stand up to the punishment of racing.

Perfectionism, emphasis on quality and attention to detail

Every frame is manufactured from first-class materials: quality hardwood, industrial epoxy adhesive, stainless steel joints and professional varnish. Add to that our passion for cycling, obsession with perfection and love for woodworking, and the only possible result is the perfect bicycle.




The wooden bikes dřevák will surprise you

  • wood has better fatigue life than steel, aluminum or carbon
  • riding a wooden frame is more comfortable, because wood absorbs vibration better
  • a wooden frame is less susceptible to shocks than classic bike frames
  • wood is a renewable resource and producing wooden frames is much better for the environment

Riding a wooden bike is a unique experience. The frame does not make or transmit any sounds as is often the case with carbon frames. The bike is quick to accelerate, but the ride stays comfortable. Every frame is unique, so you will never meet a cyclist with the same bike.


Wood options

 Ash Walnut  Acacia Wenge Zebrano Bubinga
jasan ořech anglický akát wenge zebrano bubinga